Running Energy During Labor Using Quantum-Touch

I met Melody Huang at the sensory therapy center, we both are mothers of special needs children, we exchange education information, encourage and support each other often and we have become good friends since. She shared her daughter’s natural therapy experience about “Quantum- Touch” to me, and I started to step into the QT magic world. Melody invited Quantum Touch Mentors, Elizabeth and Raymond to visit Taiwan and give QT level 1 and level 2 courses in March of this year.

I went to a woman's home who was in labor. She was quite disappointed when I arrived; as she was only 2 cm dilated (you have to get to 10 before you can push the baby out). I explained how normal it was for the process to take some time, because it was her first baby and it usually takes about 15 hours. She had been in labor for an hour. She requested that I start running energy. When I started to run energy she was able to relax profoundly between contractions and talked about how much it was helping.

While I was running energy, I kept thinking "Wow, it's really going in so fast!" At one point I thought to myself "Is she 8 cm already?" This was a strange thought, because she was not presenting as someone who was having a fast labor, and babies almost always take some time to come down the birth canal. I have been at over 1,000 births, and all my previous experience was saying "no way" to it progressing that fast.

In our area, they discourage women from going to the hospital before 4 cm's, in fact, they send women home if they are not that far along. One and a half hours after I arrived at their home, her bag broke and suddenly the baby's head appeared. Her husband called the paramedics (who had never delivered a baby, and were of limited help!) and I delivered her baby on the dining room floor. In my nearly 20 year's experience I have never seen a first time mom go this quickly.

After the birth (a beautiful, healthy baby girl) the couple told me they were convinced that the Quantum-Touch was the reason why it went so quickly. Personally, I agree, but during her labor I discounted my intuition about this and favored my past experience. Big learning experience for an old dog who didn't think she could learn many new tricks!

Tanya C. Mchale, RN, CH

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