Using Self Created Health To Uncover Emotional Patterns

Having taught Self Created Health since the pilot began I have now facilitated a very large number of SCH sessions both in workshops and one to one sessions with clients. This has enabled me to pick up on common patterns, themes and see where things are heading to very quickly as we identify the cause. The discovery process is a specific set of questions designed to extract the most relevant and telling information in order to find the emotional event that triggered the physical condition. It's accuracy is startling and I still feel that sense of amazement at the flawless design of our holographic universe in each session.

I wanted to share a really interesting and potentially very big SCH insight that I have had with clients and hope it will help others using SCH too.

In one of the questions in the discovery process we ask for the imaginary physiology. I often prompt for more answers by saying "if Mickey Mouse was in that area of the body what would he be doing?"

I have recently then followed that with "and now tell me if Minnie Mouse was in there what would she be doing?" This is so revealing! It immediately shows whether the person involved in the anger issue is male or female because the responses are much more powerful in either Mickey or Minnie and are completely different. It also brings out whether the issue connects to being male or female energy and highlights the Yin and Yang aspects of the situation too.

Understanding the male and female aspects of the person's process widely opens the door to an even greater depth of understanding of emotional patterns and also offers the opportunity to make peace with both aspects.

My clients have found this immensely helpful and once I ask the question it becomes very apparent where the process will go which helps to keep on track and arrive at the event quickly and with huge discoveries!

The Self Created Health material is truly groundbreaking, thank you Richard!
Karina Grant, UK


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