Happy Phase Of Life

Salman Merchant (25 years old) was a participant in the QT2 workshop in Mumbai, India (October 12 & 13). He has a severe scoliosis. We performed both individual and group healing for him and continued to do so in the weeks after the workshop. Last Tuesday, that is the 5th of November, Salman sent an email to the entire QT India group. Its an incredibly beautiful and inspiring message. With his permission, we share it with the wider QT community. Johanna Van Reenen, QT Practitioner & Instructor Level 1&2

Email from Salman to QT India group:

Hello everyone...

Its been a nice journey.

First of all Happy Deepawali to all,

Had a one on one session with Johanna last Thursday on Skype. It was superb. My scoliosis is improving. There is a visible shift in the lower spine. Same night after session when I came home my sister mentioned that I am sitting up straight and my shoulder and chest level is straight unlike drooping on left side.

There is a miraculous smile always on the face these days. The shine on face is increasing day by day. The CONFIDENCE to lead a magnanimous and beautiful life can be felt... much more confident then before...

I usually upload bird video on facebook but find my self drooping on left shoulder. Yesterday when I uploaded a video I saw that my shoulder levels are same and I am looking much more straight.

Thank you Muskaan for being a source to meet QT therapy.

I'm doing QT therapy everyday and with all the round the globe people sending me healing energy.

Johanna you hold such high level of love vibration. The shift in spine is visible and as you worked on my muscle till today the shift is there and not back to normal .

I thank you Johanna for all you are doing for me with the selflessness and true love to heal me completely.

I love you all and thank you all QT India friends, Amna ji and Johanna and Helmut.

I have also attached a "HAPPY PHASE OF LIFE" pic for you all to see the shine on my face and see myself healthy.

This is all coming out of sheer love and affection for all. Sorry if I missed something as I want to express my true feelings and not a planned paragraph.



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