Trust And Allow

My husband and I own an office called Natural BodyWorks in Parker, Colorado. He is a Chiropractor, Acupuncturist, and Massage Therapist, and I'm a Life Coach, Author and QT Practitioner. So we try to cover all the 'alternative health' bases.

I had a Coaching client come in almost a year ago, asking for more information about Quantum Touch. So, we had her come in for a session.

She's not the 'chatty' type, so when I was working on her, I didn't really know 'why', or what specifically I was working on. I just ran love, energy, and 'free flow' to her - and well, it worked! I worked on her for about 35 minutes, during which she could feel 'tingles' of energy going on all throughout her body. She came in the next day, for her Coaching session, and this was her story.

She said, "Before we get started with coaching, I need to ask you. Am I okay? After I had my Quantum session yesterday morning, I went home and took a nap! I never nap during the day!! Then, when I got up, I had a bowel movement. I have been on stool softeners for the past couple of years, because I don't 'go' very often...and NEVER in the middle of the day! I had a lot of movement, and I just need to know if I'm okay. Is that normal? I mean I've been too stressed to sleep at night, and totally constipated for a couple of days, so for me to go home and sleep then have a bowel movement...well, is that normal?"

She has come in regularly for QT sessions ever since, and although she doesn't always 'feel' anything, she knows that 'something' happens when she gets QT work.

Jill Thompson, CPC, PFT, Life Coach
Quantum Touch Practitioner, Natural BodyWorks


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