Lynnea Cook


Del Norte, Colorado, 81132, United States

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[email protected]

I love life, learning, and adventure, and it seeks me out, too. My family is my first priority. I was recently blessed with a beautiful grandson on my retirement day from elementary teaching. As in my teaching career I have a deep and continued desire to help people of all ages. I am very intuitive and empathetic towards them. 

I was looking for a natural, easy way to help others and myself, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Quantum- Touch was my answer to naturally help the mind, body, and spirit by releasing tension and stress and bringing about balance in life. I find that my practitioners in Jin Shin Jyutsu, and my knowledge of Iridology compliment Quantum-Touch. I have also attended the Supercharging and Core Transformation classes. 

My hobbies include mountain climbing, skiing, horseback riding, piano, African drumming, dancing, outdoor photography, travel, relaxing at my mountain retreat with family, and of course natural healing. 

I am available for Quantum-Touch sessions. Please call me at 719-580-5400719-580-5400. Also inquire about daily or weekend retreats in a beautiful mountain setting for healing, learning, and relaxation.