Luana Van Gent


Red Deer County, Alberta, Canada

Contact Information


I became interested in energy healing in early 2000 when I attended my first Reiki workshop.  Since then my passion to learn and help others heal has lead me to many other modalities.  As well as Quantum Touch, I am certified in Reiki and Chios and also work with Raindrop technique, Dowsing and Energy Medicine. Currently, I am studying Herbology.


I first came across Quantum Touch in March 2005 when I found the book online. Since then I've taken many of the workshop offered by Quantum Touch including: QT Level 2, Supercharging, Core I & II. Enjoying all the energy work and seeing the potential of what it could do, I quickly became a Practitioner and then an Instructor.


I have found Quantum Touch greatly intensifies the energy of the other modalities.   The basic techniques are effectively amazing and I have found the advanced techniques to be even more so.  I have seen many major transformations take place during both the workshops I have taught as well as the clients I have worked with.


I am available for in person and distance sessions and will travel to teach workshops.  If you can't make it to a Basic workshop consider hosting one.  For details, contact me at the provided email address.