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Napa, California, 94558, United States

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Phone: 707-321-3524


Robert McQueen supports people with physical and neurological disabilities, (such as cerebral palsy and muscular dystrophy) to increase balance, range of motion, straightening of limbs. This powerful work improves neurological functioning, bringing more independence and quality of life to his clients.


How does he do it?  Robert says “I can work in person or long distance over the phone. I set a high vibration and the client’s body rises up to match that vibration to facilitate rapid healing.”  Clients experience relief from pain, reduced swelling, and their spine easing back into alignment.  Quantum Touch is unique because it is extremely gentle and soothing and yet yields powerful results in a very short period of time.


An example is Lesley Wright, a regular long distance client who receives Quantum Touch sessions over the phone. She lives with Cerebral Palsy and is confined to a wheelchair. Lesley says:

 "When I started sessions with Robert, I felt the benifits right away. First the chronic edema (swelling) went down in my legs and feet, and my left shoulder moved back into alignment. Then my left leg straightened out so that my knees no longer rub against each other all the time."

"Over time my spine has straightened and gotten stronger, and my balance has improved so much that I can now sit up on my bed unaided, which I coulden't do before. Working with Robert I am continuing to improve my range of motion and ability to use my arms and legs more independantly."

"I really appreciate the healing work Robert does with me. It makes a big difference in my ability to get out and enjoy life!"


Robert is a certified Quantum Touch practitioner with over 10 years of experience in the healing arts, and became a certified Quantum Touch Instructor in 2010.  As a child, he quickly realized that he was particularly sensitive to the emotions and pain of other people, which has made him a very compassionate healer that genuinely cares about his clients.  Robert is passionate about Quantum Touch because it the most effective and gentle way for healing pain and increasing range of motion and functionality of his clients.

Robert has such a powerful commitment to helping people that are suffering from chronic physical pain or neurological disabilities heal, that he is offering a complementary wellness consultation. Email Robert at

or call (707)321-3524 to schedule your consultation today.


My training includes: Quantum Touch Certification Program,

Advanced Programs: Super Charge Method, Core Transformation 1,

Self Generated Health, and Quantum Touch II.
Massage Therapy License from the Western Institute of Science & Health
Hands-On Healing Program from the Berkeley Psychic Institute

Matrix Energetics