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Shelly Liedtke

Certified Quantum-Touch Instructor & Practitioner
Cosmic Shaman, LLC


,Provo/Salt Lake City area, Utah, United States

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Phone: 801-688-8564

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I've been utilizing Quantum Touch on a daily basis since 2007 and loving it!

As a child, I was fascinated with crystals, curious about auras, faeries, and all things magical and have always had an eye out for anything that brought me into contact with such things.

I noticed when I was young that I didn't feel well, but when you're a child, that's all you know.  You don't get the part of the information about what to do regarding the discomfort.  I’ve since learned that the information I required wasn’t even available outside of myself – it’s only available inside of myself!

Over time, I began to REALLY not feel well, but when I went to the doctor and had all the tests run, the doctor told me (drum-roll, please!):  "You're as healthy as a horse!"  LOL!  That actually wasn't very helpful because I still felt horrible and didn't know why.

I began my healing journey by being lead to books that guided me to change my lifestyle and my diet, which helped a great deal, but once I had my children, my health took a tremendous dive.  I was sleeping upwards of 17 hours a day.  It was even more awful that before.  :-/

I was blessed with support from a gal that began helping me and instructing me somewhat in energy healing arts.  As she worked with me, my third eye began to open up again from being closed down at about seven years of age. I had loads of information pour through me as to how to help myself and began running energy to myself according to what I was instructed through Spirit Guidance – and was totally clueless about at that time – I just wanted to feel well…

Would you like to know the main big secret that came through it all as I began to feel better?

Love and Gratitude and Self-Acceptance/Appreciation!

That's what pulled me through and I began to get stronger and feel better and better each and every day.

Once I began feeling better, I was on the look-out for the energy healing method that most closely matched what I had been shown through Spirit Guidance to support myself with.  After several classes and lots of checking around, I heard about a presentation being offered for the “new Quantum Touch Energy Healing Technique”.

As soon as I heard about it, I knew I had to be there!

As the presentation began, everything matched up to what I had been shown (including the Love and Gratitude portion), plus lots more technique options on top of that, and I’m learning new ones all the time!

(I really LOVE options -- especially options that work!)

I dove straight in and began playing with the energy, and found that I wanted to be certified as a Practitioner and, my hope was, to be certified as an Instructor. (Teaching others awesome things that improve their lives is one of my sincere delights!)  I was so excited, I even put in the studies to receive a Bachelor of Metaphysical Science so I could do hands-on healing and feel even more uber-comfortable that I was offering super value to my clients, which I'm so grateful that I did, as it has totally enriched my life and allowed me to serve others even better.

My dream came true, and here I am, available to offer sessions for you and your friends and family, as well as offer the QT Level 1 Workshop for your benefit, so you can heal yourself, too!

I'd love to hear from you!  Get in touch with me!

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Contact me at 801-688-8564 for Sessions or QT Level I Workshops!

Sessions are offered Distance only at this time, as I have moved and live in a rural area now.

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It’s Time to Transform Your Life Through The Healing Power Of Your Love!

♥ Light☼ & Gratitude!

Feel free to contact me to set up a session or a QT Level 1 Workshop. 

Even if I do not show I have a Workshop scheduled at the time you would like to have one, know that you are welcome to call so we can create a space for this to happen for you!



Remember That:  As You Heal Your Self, You Heal the World!

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Contact me at 801-688-8564

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