Minerva O. Nielsen


29 zurich drive
Newfoundland, Pennsylvania, 18445, United States

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Phone: 570-676-3854
Alt. Phone: 570-815-5485
Web: www.facebook Pocono

Born and rise in Mexico. I Studied at Universidad Regiomontana Business Administration with major in Aviation Management. On 2000 I got ill and the doctors will not know the cause. In 2004 I was introduced to a new technique call Medical Biomagnetic Pair which gave me the answer for my illness and open my mind to new concept that we are more than the body what we see, and that there is another way to achieve healing. The Medical Biomagnetic Pair, a technique that uses 1000gauss magnets , and  through muscle testing apply kinesiology ,  the body is asked where is affected area ,which organs are compromised, and using both sides of the magnets  (+ ) (-) into organs or affected areas we reestablish the Ph balance . In a neutral the Ph, the virus , bacteria, parisite, fungus or dysfunctions can not live and the body is able to heal itself. Since that moment in my life change, I become more interested in the alternative medicine and energy work. On 2006 I was introuduced to Quantum Touch I was amazed of the capabilities that we all have  and profund changes that you can acomplish with this technique, I became certified QT parcatitioner on March 2009 and in 2011 and 14 continue with Quantum Touch 2.


Am certified in Medical Biomagnetic Pair  and Bioenergetic practitioner by The Universidad Autonoma de Chapingo, Mexico since  2004.

member of the Medcial biomagentic  pair and  medical bioenergertic college of mexico.since 2007

Certified in Cellular Bioenergetic Osteopathy By Italia Oloarte college in Madrid Spain in 2007

Certified  in Past life Regression Therapy by The Weiss Institute in 2007.

Certified  in Life Biofeedback Therapy practitioner ,by Life Biofeedback System in

since 2008.