Susanne F. Brutscher

Interior Designer, Building Biology/Environmental Health


Warkworth, Auckland, New Zealand

Contact Information

Phone: 006494227372
Alt. Phone: 021909593


Susanne has been living in NZ for the last 25 years. She was introduced to Quantum Touch in 2005 while studying related therapies. More recently she added an eduction as certified practitioner  for the Emotion Code to her healing modalities.

She works as an expert for ecological Interior Design, using a very holistic approach to create natural harmony and energy in personal living space. 

Interior Design provides us with techniques to strategically plan and alter our immediate surrounding in order to create  supportive and harmonious energy around us.

Using the healing powers of QT we are able to influence our most personal spaces inside ourselves in a similar way. Quantum Touch may open ways for our physical, mental and spiritual bodies to grow, change and heal. Susanne experienced the supportive effect of QT for all her work.

Apart from human health success stories the effect on e.g. animals, plants, or to enrich food is astonishing.

Quantum Touch enables the  "patient"  to use healing energy for their needs and for the creation of harmony and peace with in themselves. The therapy takes place while surrounded by a pampering, safe and loving environment. Distance healing is part of Susanne's techniques.


For more information or to book an appointment please ring on 09 4227372 or 021909593. email:


First meeting and assessment NZ$ 30.-, NZ 60.- for 1 hr. treatment. Distance healing is possible, please email  or visit  for more details. House calls may be charged additional  traveling fees.

Following treatments@ $30.- per half hour, $ 60.- per hour.