Shelly Walters

Certified QT Practitioner/Esthetician
Beyond Esthetic Studio & Wellness Center


Cookville, Nova Scotia, Canada

Contact Information

Phone: 902-530-3770

  My name is Shelly Walters and I am an esthetician and the owner of Beyond Esthetic Studio & Wellness Center in Bridgewater, N.S. Canada.  I got involved with energy healing many years ago when a few of my clients were asking about Theraputic Touch.  When a class on TT came along, I went so I could better inform my clients.  No one was more surprised than I was when I felt life force - my very first attempt!!  I studied TT for awhile, then I discovered Quantum Touch and found that that was more suited to me, although I still use Theraputic Touch techniques.

  Now my direction in my work and my life has changed dramatically.  I see things differently, look at my health and my client's health more hoistically, and incorporate Quantum Touch in most of my services.  I help people look better, and now I can help them heal themselves and feel better.  Quantum Touch is such a wonderful asset to what I do.  I am so grateful that it is a part of my life, and thrilled that I can make it a part of other people's lives as well!