Betsy Lambert

The Astral Connection


7905 Mesa Trails Circle
Austin, Texas, 78731, United States

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Phone: 512 757 1669

Love is the universal healing force and the basis of Quantum-Touch as well as all the long distance modalities in which I have been certified—Quantum-TouchThe Body Code and ReikiQuantum-Touch is very effective in relieving pain, reducing swelling and realigning bones. The Body Code works to identify and remove imbalances caused by trapped emotions that are often the cause of physical and emotional pain.  I use The Body Code first to clear out the energetic blockages that cause organ and tissue imbalance and prevent the body from healing itself. This allows for the more effective use of long distance Quantum-Touch to introduce healing energy that will address any remaining pain, swelling or bone misalignments.

All of my intuitive healing telephone sessions are built around enveloping my clients in love so they can receive the energy they need to heal their bodies. I believe that each Quantum-Touch and Body Code healing encounter is no accident. The people who choose to interact with me have been drawn to receive the love and energy I offer them so that, according to their highest and best purpose, I can help them become healthy and whole again.