Vaughan McDonald

Quantum Touch Practitioner


Boyanup, Western Australia, 6237, Australia

Contact Information

Phone: 08 9731 5519
Alt. Phone: 0409111815

I found Quantum Touch in response to acquiring a severe back injury in my classroom in mid 2006 - a result being a change in schools, ( At the time I taught children with severe/multiple intellectual disabilities).  The experience was amazing.  After my first session I went home, went online and ordered The Book!  After reading it and getting tips from my practitioner I experimented on family and friends for about 18 months before realizing that I could do this for real.  So I spent 6 months getting qualified and in January 2010 became certified

Currently I am involved with the Cloud Nine wellness centre at the Plaza on the first floor in Bunbury.  Monday nights (4-7pm) are the go for me but I am flexible.


To feel the earth move and angels weep, come on over.  :)