Denise Aubin

Quantum Touch Practioner
Denise Aubin


Winnipeg Manitoba, Manitoba, R3V 1V6, Canada

Contact Information

Phone: 1-204-275-3325
Alt. Phone: 1-204-770-9685

I am extremely grateful to have learned this simply wonderful healing technique!  I believe our bodies have the ability to heal themselves and Quantum Touch is a very beautiful and powerful way of sharing pure healing love and energy with all those around you.  I am always truly amazed at the results people experience in their healing and rebalancing.

The possibilities are endless with Quantum Touch!

I have been practicing Quantum Touch for 10 years, have also taken Core 1, and Supercharging.  I am also a certified Reflexologist, have completed the Auricular Therapy Course, Meridian Therapy as well as Advanced Yin Yang Reflexology. Cranio Sacral 1 and II are modalities that I have recently taken and have been very enriching to this work. These modalities always enhance and contribute to a deeper level of healing. So amazing.

I can be reached at (204) 275-3325 Call me, I look forward to meeting you.