Eileen Strong

QT Instructor/Practitioner and Lifestyle Prescriptions Health Coach
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Derbyshire, United Kingdom

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We all love to help others, don't we? Quantum-Touch is such a practical, powerful tool you can use to help you do that super-effectively. 

What about helping ourselves too?  We so often put other people's needs ahead of our own, often to our own detriment in the long-term, and this is especially the case for many who have loved ones to care for, or are therapists/healthcare workers in a busy and demanding environment.

The good news is, Quantum-Touch helps you meet your self-healing needs too! 

Would you like to truly connect with your "Inner Healer" and learn how to lift your own energetic vibration so high, you experience physical, mental, emotional and spiritual shifts to help you take your health, and your life, to whole new levels?   

It all starts here, with loving intention... and your breath.  That is all you need to be able to learn Quantum-Touch and apply it in your life.  I would be honoured and delighted to help you take those next steps .....

As a Lifestyle Prescriptions Health Coach, I really do love helping people feel more postive about their health. My clients usually feel stuck with some aspect of ill health or imbalance in life, and working with them I can help them make breakthroughs (however small or large) to help them make positive changes and move forward.

As part of my work, Quantum-Touch is what I consider to be one of the most empowering techniques I can share. 

Another wonderful thing about Quantum-Touch (and one of the reasons I was first drawn to learning it for myself) is that once we learn the techniques, we are really encouraged to make it our own; try it with different people, across a range of different symptoms, with pets, even plants, combine it with different modalities .. and just see what happens. 

I encourage everyone to have a sense of curiosity, even playfulness, and open up to limitless possibilities and amazing experiences on their Quantum-Touch journey.

Learning and applying the Quantum-Touch principles, and my experiences of using QuantumTouch, have really helped me to develop complete trust in the body's own innate natural healing intelligence.   When we can take responsibility for our own health in this way, it is truly enpowering and inspiring. 


I have been using QuantumTouch in my complementary therapy work since 2009, and became a Level 1 instructor in 2013.  I am based in Derbyshire and happily travel throughout England and Scotland to teach the Level 1 workshop.

I also teach the Virtual Level1 Workshop and Virtual Energy Boost class. 


Workshops at your own UK venue

If you would like to organise your own workshop at your own venue, I will very happily travel to you, so please get in touch for a chat if this is something that interests you.      

(Level 1 and Energy Boost can be Virtually - ask for details) 


QT Talks & Demonstrations

 I also am available to present a QT talk with audience demonstration to groups and businesses throughout the Midlands.


Healing Circle in Derby

 I run the Derby Healing Circle which meets once a month and provides an opportunity for members of the local QT community, and other wonderful energy-healing enthusiasts, to meet up for healing shares.  So if you have learnt QT through the online workshop or by reading the book, you are welcome to come along and join us to practice your skills and enjoy the company of like-minded caring, sharing people just like you.  There is a small charge to cover room hire/refreshments.

(We are meeting online via Zoom during COVID19 - get in touch if you'd like to join us - it's free!)


Experience QT for yourself

I am located in Derbyshire and work from Natural Health Centres in Heanor (DE75), Milford (DE56),  Derby City (DE1) and also Uttoxeter (ST14)   

To book an In-Person Session with me, click this link to arrange a free no-obligation 20 minute consultation first, so we can discuss your needs, and which of my treatment rooms locations are most convenient for you.  (Home visits are also an option)   

BOOK CONSULTATION (in-person sessions) - click here


* QT Pure energy work ........................ 60mins

* QT-with-Massage ............................... 60 mins or 90 mins

BOOK QT SESSION  - click here

* QT Pure energy work by Distance .... 60 mins 

( If there is no availability for your time zone, get in touch and I am happy to offer other options if required) 


More information

 Please visit my website for more information and to get in touch if you'd like me to work with you.

 Thank you for reading.  I appreciate your interest.



* Certified Quantum-Touch Practitioner & Level 1 Instructor

* Lifestyle Prescriptions (R) Root Cause Based Health Coaching

* Meridian Energy Therapy Practitioners Advanced - EFT 

* Cancer Touch Therapist

* VTCT  Massage Therapist

* Certified Passion Test Facilitator & Law of Attraction Practitioner