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Divora Stern LCSW

QT, Energy Psychology, PSychotherapy in Ca, ATP
Divora Stern LCSW Energy Psychology


716 S Main St Suite A2 Willits CA 95490
Willits, California, 95490, United States

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Phone: 707 354-9911
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Divora Has an office in Willits or can work by phone or Skype and is excited to serve you. For approximately five years she was the largest, private practice, sole provider for Mendocino County Mental Health. However, she saw how the traditional, psychotherapy therapeutic model hooked people into weekly sessions, that dragged on for years and sometimes even decades. Divora Has a personal commitment to assist people with every facet of their lives as quickly as possible. Hence her love of QT a pure, simple, effective modality.

As a seasoned, dedicated, approachable and warm professional, she offers a plethora of alternative healing modalities. We all have the innate ability to heal ourselves. Divora's love of energy healing comes second only to her commitment to her clients highest best.

You, the client, are the healer, in the driver's seat. Divora is similar to the driving instructor, sitting at your side. She removes blockages, steers you in the right direction, connects and directs you. She firmly believes in the client directed, strength based healing model.

You may combine any of her healing modalities within your time frame. She has a one minute You Tube video she shot herself, titled   Welcome from Divora.  Take a look and see if you resonate with her vibration and feel as if you might like to work with her.

Many of her clients report extremely high levels of satisfaction, Some of her clients report successes are in areas of dealing with depression, mood disorders, anxiety, stress management, relationship concerns, musculo/skeletal pain, overwhelm, hopelessness, feeling the weight of the world on the shoulders, child rearing issues, marital discord, sexual identity, side effects of: Lyme Disease, cancers, parasites, sexual dysfunctions,  lack of energy and sleep disorders. She has assisted clients overcome addictions to cigarettes, alcohol, pornography, gambling, marijuana, methamphetamine's and heroine.

Her current deal is $99 for one hour. Normal pricing is $50 for 20 minutes and $2 for each additional minute. Be the best that you can be, and give her a call. Help is just a phone call away. Divora tries to serve you as quickly as possible often within the business day.