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Emma Cope



Bath, Somerset, United Kingdom

Contact Information

Phone: 07843 256 081

Quantum-Touch Practitioner  (Level 1, Level 2, Self-Created Health).  Reiki: I, II, IV Master Teaching. Horse/Animal Healing.

I also work as a Personal Trainer specialising in Power Plate Vibration Training and have studied ITEC Massage and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique).

My own journey of awareness started in the early 90's when I enrolled on a massage course following a gut feeling that this would play a roll in my future although it was irrelevant to my work at that time. This was the beginning of many such things I have acted on with complete belief they were leading to something greater without any evidence and understanding at the time.  An interest in Meditation and Chi Kung followed and my journey of awareness and awakening had begun. Only on discovering Quantum-Touch did it feel like all my life experiences had started to come together to complete a circle.  The circle continues to expand...

Simple and effective.  Giving life force energy (Chi, Qi, Prana) to the body physically, mentally and emotionally allowing it to re-balance itself from pain, inflammation, dis-ease or stress.

I often use Quantum-Touch together with Reiki creating Supercharge Reiki.  

This type of energy healing has to be experienced to be understood and I would be delighted to share this experience with you.