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Wei Terk Mok

Quantum-Touch Instructor


San Francisco Bay Area, California, United States

Contact Information

Phone: 646-9196373
Alt. Phone: 646-2333119

Wei is a Quantum Touch level I & II practitioner and level I Instructor.  He was introduced to Quantum Touch by chance while exploring alternative healing to help his family members.  He was fascinated by the result of this new healing modality and enjoyed using it to help heal his clients from all walks of life.


He has learnt many different healing modalities since, but he constantly revert back to Quantum Touch as his preferred therapy modality as it always give clear healing results.  Using Quantum Touch level II knowledge, he was able to get even more substantial results than before.  He has worked with many and help to heal them.

During one recent session, all Wei did was focus doing the Quantum Touch process. Unknown to him, the client was having a totally different experience.   The interesting experience was that client saw play back of vivid scenes . Each time he moved his hands to work on a different area, the client saw new scenes, of which some seemingly from some foreign culture of different time.  After the session that she experienced release of the chronic pains that she could never get rid of through all the other therapies she has had.


Another client who has a deep pain in the right shoulder. During the session, new pains came up in the left arm and the client shared that the affected area has an old fracture when he was a kid.  Apparently after that childhood accident he has been relying more on his right arm.  After running energy to each arm, he was completely healed and all he can say was Quantum touch is awesome! 


These are just some of the fantastic healing results are what encourage him to continue doing this amazing work and teach Quantum Touch.  His mission is to teach and heal as many people as possible.


There really is no limit to what can be healed.  He focus on clients with physical illness such as scoliosis, structure misalignment, sports injure as well as those who has chronic disease such as cancer.


Come to the 2 day workshop and discover the wonderful world of energy healing. Learn how to heal yourself and others. Be empowered to live a better, healthier life and change how you experience each day in a better way.


Wei is located at San Francisco Bay Area- Richmond, California. He is available for group lessons or private lessons. If you cannot attend the posted workshops, call and we can arrange classes that will suit your schedule. We can do 2 full days or even 4 shorter evening sessions.