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Susie Murphy

Murphy Healing


Barrington Hills, Illinois, 60010, United States

Contact Information

Phone: 847-767-3376

My Goal:  To promote energy healing and help as many people as possible so we can all enjoy our time here and encourage unity among us through heart love energy.


My Background:  I have always been somewhat unconventional and aware that I was extremely sensitive.  I raised my oldest son many years ago and when when he was totally grown and out of college I married and my two spiritually gifted children entered my life.  Through my youngest son I became aware of my healing abilities.  When he was born he had many unusual health issues that traditional medical doctors were unable to diagnose.  We then approached alternative medicine and started getting some positive results.  We also went to various healers and discovered the wonderful world of Reiki and were pleased with the results we were getting.  I then became a Reiki practitioner and was delighted at the response I got from the various people I worked on.  Shortly thereafter, I was introduced to Quantum Touch and was blown away as to how powerful it really was.  To say that Quantum is Reiki on steroids is an accurate statement.  I love working with energy and heart love energy which is extremely powerful.  I am a giver by nature and I love to help people.  Giving a Quantum Touch energy healing has given me a way to do what I do naturally.  I do this by setting my intention for the healing and then raising my vibration through various breathing techniques and  raising their vibration to match mine so I can help them heal themselves.  I am intuitive and I use my own intuition to guide me when I am doing a Quantum Touch session.  My son, who is certified in Reiki and has completed the Quantum Touch program, is also a healer and assists me in some of my healing sessions.  So, essentially, you are getting a two on one healing session which has proven to be extremely powerful.


I am certified in Quantum1 and II , Reiki 1 and II, and Soul clearing .


I will do in person energy sessions in southern Wisconsin and northern Illinois.

I also do long distance healing and phone consultations.


I look forward to working with you!