Gwen B. Rietze

Herbs For Your Health Corporation


Box 1852
Cochrane, Alberta, T4C 1B7, Canada

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Phone: 403-931-3410

I have been in the healing industry since 1994. My healing journey began with myself becoming my first client.  I was involved in a car accident which opened my eyes to holistic healing as I journied to successfully and fully recover from severe whiplash.My journey led me to become a herbalist and to learn as many healing modalities as I could. I am a Usuri Reiki Master, a master herbalist, a Body code Practioner, an Emotion code Practioner and also a D. O. HOM. (Doctor of Homeopathy) to name just a few things.

Having said that. I would like to share that I have been in awe of the results I have seen from doing Quantum-Touch! It is unmatched by any other energy work modality I have experienced!