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Silvana Lauricella M.Ed, B.A, Dip. Comp. Sc, Dip.Ed,


Cronulla, New South Wales, 2230, Australia

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Phone: 0412 888 849

I first heard Richard Gordon speak on Quantum Touch™ in 2012 and I was so intrigued, that I began to further explore this healing modality.   The more I learned, the more it resonated with me and the more focussed I became on learning more about this work.  

After first doing the Quantum Touch™ basic online training course, I was amazed to see the differences in peoples' level of healing, (before and after the session), where I had applied what I had only just learned. 

Despite my academic training in Languages, Computer Science and Education, I have always felt there is so much which could not be explained or studied, yet is real.  I had long been drawn to, and engaged in, modalities that assist the body in regaining its balance allowing it to naturally and automatically heal.

I first became a Reiki practitioner in 1999 studying USUI (level 1, level 2 and Advanced); Karuna Reiki and Joyti Reiki as well as introductory courses in Kinesiology.

I later started to work more on an mental, emotional and spiritual level in 2001 and after doing much of The Journey™ work with Brandon Bays over the ensuing years, I became a Journey Practitioner. 

When I discovered Quantum Touch™, I felt that this was a huge missing piece in my learning which further promoted the body's own natural healing ability.  This has led me to a place of greater trust and surrender, which creates a greater the space for the person's body to do what it intuitively knows it needs.  

What has drawn me to Quantum Touch™ is how effortlessly, what is seemingly impossible, becomes possible in a very short space of time, and that we really do not know the limits of this work.  The beauty of watching people, empowered by their body wisdom, discover new possibilities makes this work so affirming and rewarding for me.

If you would like to book a Quantum Touch™ session or be part of a Quantum Touch™ Healing Circle please send an email to