Shari B Yetto


Tennessee, United States

Contact Information

Phone: 731-225-8672
My name is Shari Yetto and I have been doing "Energy Healing" most of my life. It is something that just came natural. I was very excited then I found the Quantum Touch technique because it is better than any of the ways that I did naturally before.

I very much enjoy helping people to feel better and get well. I continue to be amazed with every person that I work on. The fact that I become more energized instead of tired is an added plus. Seeing bones move and align themselves, pain disappear, ailments get better and go away, and even rashes and psoriasis improve is a wonderful and empowering feeling.

I am here for hands on and distance healing for those in need. I am only a phone call away. I wish healing and good health for all that seek it. Blessings to ALL!