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Marieke Leliveld

Quantum-Touch Practitioner, Massage Therapist, Animal Health Technician, Animal Communicator
Conscious Quantum


Vancouver British Columbia, British Columbia, Canada

Contact Information

Phone: 604-441-4534
Alt. Phone: skype: marieke.leliveld
Thank you for your interest in Energy work! I am honnored to offer Healing Quantum-Touch Energy services for You And for your Animal companion. 
My name is Marieke Leliveld. I am a certified Quantum-Touch practitioner, Swedish relaxation Massage Therapist, Animal Communicator, and a Dutch Certified Animal Health Technician. I am here to guide People & Animals to Greater Health and Balance of Mind & Body.
Under the name Conscious Quantum I offer you: * Quantum-Touch Energy Healing sessions, * QT Distant Healing, * Quantum-Massages, * Consultations, * Animal Communication, * Workshops Conscious-Touch Dog & Horse, and * Seminars Silent Communication with Animals.

My specialization lies in animal energy healing and well-being. I love working with animals who experience anxiety, fear, express imbalanced behaviour, and with animals that need extra care, like sick, injured, aggressive, and traumatized souls. The most extreme cases respond wonderfully well on my energy, and techniques that I have developed over the years. I am able to read, connect, and see through the language of energy, and to use this ability to help improve the well-being of people, animals and plants around me. Quantum-Touch by Richard Gordon brought everything together, and created a powerful tool.
Quantum-Touch has infinitive possibilities, book a session and experience what it can bring for You and/ or your Animal companion. One of the real joys of this work is that the limits of what is possible are truly unknown.

May I kindly refer you to for more information.
Distant Healing & Healing sessions with Djibbe the Swiss White Shepherd are also available on request.
Love & Light,