Leila Tober

QT- Practictioner
Miracle Healing Vibrations


Murray, Utah, United States

Contact Information

Phone: 2102745122

I have been working with energy my whole life. I didn't realize what gifts I had truly been blessed with until I was around 12 years old and had the opportunity to help ease the suffering of my house ridden and almost bed ridden older sister. She had gone to multiple doctors none that could agree on what was wrong with her. All I knew was that my sister was always in so much pain, that she couldn't sleep at night. For 1 year daily, I would be by her bedside praying that I could help ease her suffering and eventually the suffering of others- through Gods love. A couple years later she was well enough to head off to college a thousand miles away. Through Gods mercy and grace I was taught how to "see" others vibrations and learn what their unique vibrations were saying about their ailments. I am blessed to be a conduit to help others feel the love and peace God has for each of us, and give the body a "breath" of peace to allow it to heal itself.

I am available for distant and in person sessions, Tuesday's and Thursdays : 4pm or 5:30 or 7pm. For my terms of service and description of my services please visit my website.