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Lori Warner


Huntsville, Alabama, 35803, United States

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Phone: 256-975-2425
In early 2016 I became one of only four people in Alabama to obtain certification in Quantum Touch.  Of all the healing modalities I have experienced, nothing seems to be able to match Quantum Touch in getting the client to achieve not only their physical goals but also addressing their emotional issues as well.  From the time I was a little girl my heart would hurt to see someone in pain.  This feeling also extended to animals.  Intuitively I knew I could help them and I was always able to see them in a different light.  Although amazed at my abilities, life unfolded for me like many of us.  I graduated from high school, went to college, got a job, married, became a parent and then a just passed by.  I am now at a point in my life where it is time to give back to my brothers and sisters all the love I have inside of me.

Quantum Touch uses what is called Life Force Energy to accelerate the healing process.  Love is the fuel behind this Life Force Energy and that is where I believe I truly excel. Just in my short period of time I have had wonderful results using this amazing healing modality; not just with "in person" local sessions but in "long distance" non-local sessions as well.  I am also certified in Accessing the Bars and am in the process of getting certified as a Law of Attraction Life Coach.

The picture you see of me is a result of the new process Quantum Touch calls The Art of Youthing.  I was featured in their monthly newsletter in December of 2015 that goes worldwide.  There are numerous studies being undertaken on this subject.  I would love to hear from you to explain how this process works, not only in Youthing but on physical and emotional issues as well. You can reach  me by phone or email to learn more about this process and to set up a session either in person or long distance.  Wherever you may be and with the love and compassion I have in my heart you will have the opportunity to achieve the healing results you desire.  

About 18 months ago I experienced this unbelievable pain between my shoulder blades that when I tried to turn over at night it felt like someone was putting an ice pick in my back.  In addition to that, l was unable to turn my neck and the pain went to my traps and in my shoulders.  I went to the chiropractor, got a massage, and even went to the doctor to get pain pills and muscle relaxants.  For me to go to the doctor and get pills, it has to be pretty severe.  Nothing really seemed to help and I decided it was just going to take time.  It ended up taking four months.  Recently it had all come back and as I was telling my friend about it, he told me about trying Quantum Touch.  So I went home that night and looked it up on the internet.  I saw videos on YouTube about this energetic modality and searched for a practitioner but there was no one in my home town.  An acquaintance of mine recommended this lady in Huntsville, AL named Lori Warner.  I called her and she explained to me how energy works to heal the body. She also explained how this works regardless of whether you are in person or long distance (she referred to it as non-local).  She took additional time in explaining all that she would be doing during the session.  I ended up having four sessions within a 10 day period and by the 10th day my back, shoulders, traps and neck pain were completely gone!  She took the time with me and made me feel like I actually knew Quantum Touch.  I could actually feel the energy and the love she had for me during the sessions.  I only wish I would have known about her and Quantum Touch 18 months ago.  Words are lacking in gratitude and appreciation for her allowing me to get my life back.
John Barnes, Jackson TN