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Karine Calhoun

Panacea Energetics


Oregon, United States

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Phone: 541-632-3725
I was introduced to Quantum Touch therapy after I experienced a debilitating illness: Neuro-invasive West Nile Virus. The virus caused encephalitis which resulted in a brain injury. I was essentially disabled for over two years, and did not know if a future in the work force was possible for me. After several sessions, my Quantum Touch Facilitator asked me what I would do if I was healed. I replied that I would be a Quantum Touch Facilitator myself! We then proceeded to heal my brain. It has never returned to the painful and foggy state to which I had grown accustomed. This miraculous healing has been permanent.

 Having this experience primed my energy channeling pump, and it has been a steady and rapid journey toward more capacity for channeling QT. I have been delighted to participate in other people's miracles during many sessions while developing my skills. I have worked both in person and long distance: over the phone or on Skype.

I currently offer long distance sessions in addition to local, in-person appointments. This work is so very rewarding and miraculous. It is my wish to contribute to the world in this amazing way.