Steven T de la Torre Jr

Healer, Light Bringer, Life Bringer
Conscious Heart Center


Long Beach, California, United States

Contact Information

Phone: 713.703.3881
Alt. Phone: 832.606.1215

Steven uses the tools and techniques of Quantum Touch to help create profound healing of the Mind Body.  He uses a combination of music, relaxation and breath work to create a more healing environment and to compliment his Quantum Touch Practice.

Each session starts with a conversation about what's going on, and what we hope to achieve together and then we get straight to work on your biggest challenges and oppotunities through a process of mind body integration.

The best results take time and sustained effort to achieve, although profound mentail and physical release are often experienced within the first few minutes.

I am particualrly interested to work with people who are suffering from Alzehimers and/or dementia, ptsd, chronic pain and those who are seeking Spritutal Transformation and Conscious Ascension to Love and Light.  I have personal experience with Cosmic Intelligence and have been blessed to experience and witness a wide variety of "miracle healing."  In my experience, the more we come from love, forgiveness and understanding, the easier it is to achieve Spiritual Upgrades and Enlightenment.  By offering Love and Light to others, we create a simple and profound way of serving ourselves, our clients and all of humanity.

Fell free to schedule a session and learn more for yourself about the great potential we create from the Heart.