Diane Smith-Frazier

Quantum Touch Practitioner, Business Owner, Practitioner of Aromatherapy and Angelic healing.
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Harper, Kansas, 67058, United States

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     Thank you for taking steps to improve your health!  You are the key to a better life for yourself and your loved ones.

     This certification and journey also includes my licensing in the beauty industry for 27 years. Practitioner of Quantum Touch, Aromatherapy and Angelic healing.

     Quantum touch is by far the most effective approach to organic healing that I have personally experienced, my opinion only. I can honestly say that I have witnessed so many miracles and improvements while on my journey, here. 

     My unique ability? I would have to say is my True spirit that loves ALL of God's creations. Love and light energy is a powerful thing when you allow into your life. 

     Take your time to read each "bio" that has made available for you to choose from several of the most amazing practitioners and people on this planet. You are important to us! Self care is extremely important. If you are a giver and enjoy helping others, remember, you have to be healthy yourself, to be successful in helping others  

     One of my favorite parts of this energy work is hearing YOUR story. . What brought you here? How can we start improving your health and life with Quantum Touch?


    You are welcome to contact me by email @ 

     Looking forward to hearing from you. 


Love and Light,


Diane R Frazier

Quantum Touch Practitioner