Mayumi Pachkoski

Owner, Esthetician
Beauty Within Skin Care, LLC


1407 York Road #210A
Lutherville, Maryland, 21093, United States

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Phone: 1-443-987-4140

Language English, Japanese (日本語)日本語での自己紹介は英語の後に続きます。


Hello, everyone!

I have built a reputation with integrity centered around a holistic, anti-aging approach to skin care in Towson, Baltimore area. 

I also do  energy work. Energy sessions at my studio, or distant work. 

I have been in the beauty industry almost for two decades in the United States( U.S.). 

I was trained in aesthetics in the U.S. and have taught aesthetics at one of the most renowned skin care school in the U.S.

I am Japanese. I do enjoy Restrative yoga, Tai Chi, Qi- kong, learning quantum mechanics and holistic wellness. 

I am so excited to work with you !

I feel that my strength in these 3 areas currently. 

1: Brain therapy : Great result with people who have been suffering insomnia. By balancing right/left hemisphere of brain,  great for over active brain. 

2: Adrenal fatigue. ( energy filling)

3. Pain 

Please read client testimonials below, after my Japanese introduction. 









 Client testimonials~~~~~~

" The session felt very soothing and deeply calming. 

I- the chronic insomnia of 15 years, who can never fall asleep on my own - passed out like a toddler, after just a few minutes. 

I don't remember much of the rest fo the session, but what is more important is that after her work was done, I got up from her massage tablefeeling fine. No pain!

A day passed by. Two days passed by. Almost a week later, still -no pain! A miracle? 

I kept exercizing and vacuuming- basically doing everything in order to re-irritate the pain!

I attribute this miraculous recovery to Mayumi's work. I would recommend that - if you wanna try the QT- you go to her. "~~~Tanja


" Thank you, I feel very good today. No pain. 

My surgery (oral ) was on left upper but I 've had surgery in lower left in a past. 

Also my right shoulder and sinus have been a problem. 

You were right on with what you did and I feel good. 

Thank you. " ~~~Anita ( Via distance haling session )


" I had some Adrenal issues that Mayumi initially focused on & after sessions, I felt full of more energy. 

Then, my third session, I let Mayumi know that I had a stress fracture in my foot. 

Mayumi worked on the foot for one session. The pain that was at about level 7 in when I arrived and was at level 2 ~3 when I left. 

How the pain changed in my foot really illustrated to me how effective Mayumi's Quantum Touch was to the body in helping in all kinds of ways-big and small..

I am so happy that Mayumi has added Quantum Touch to her menu. "~~~C


" When I walked into Mayumi's office my head hurt and I felt nauseous. I had sustained a concussion several years earlier. 

She worked on my head so gently using her Quantum-Touch I walked out after that treatment with no more nausea and no more head pain It was amazing !

Mayumi is very gifted and professional with these quantum touch skills abd able to do then in person or from a distance !!

Thank you Mayumi !!!" ~~~M.S


" I was referred to Mayumi 5 years ago for facial treatments and my skin has never looked better. 

She has always cimbined with her facials with energy work which is what makes her stand apart from other estheticians. 

I recently went to see Mayumi when she was working on her Quantum-Touch hours. Prior to my visit, I had a sharp pain on sole of my right foot which caused me to make an appointment with a podiatrist for the next day.

After my session with Mayumi, the pain was gone. It was amazing. 

I still went to see the podiatrist the next day but there was nothing for him to do since I no longer had the pain. I would definately recommend a Quantum -Touch session with Mayumi. " ~~~~ K.Y



 " I am grateful to have experienced Mayumi in both, her cosmetology service and energy work and can highly recommend her. 

Not only is she most capable to mindfully apply her developed skills in both arenas, but her deep rooted dedication, 

inspiration, and love for " the work " makes her an amazing practitionerin all the modalities she offers. " ~~~Iris


" I look forward to my visits to Mayumi. She combines energy work with facials, which is unique. 

I always feel rested and refreshed after a session with her. 

I highly recommend this business. " ~~~Sharon