Rachel Claire

Distance International Specialist, Quantum-Touch, Regenesis & MEH Practitioner
Divine Love Healing


Missouri, United States

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Spiritually Sourced Energy Healing. Highly effective distance work assisting your access to mental & emotional peace, as well as symptom, pain & situational relief. "Healing Energy Blossoms" offer you daily infusions of amazing healing energy for a week or month to support you on every aspect of "your healing path."

Dedicated to sharing the Healing Light of Spiritwhich comes through love, joy and angelic tones of healing sound vibrations.  

Distance Healing sessions begin with contact either through audio or video devices, your choice. 

"In person" sessions are also available.

Divine Love Healing is an energy and consciousness shifting modality. The high spiritual love vibration of the healing acts as a catalyst to inspire the atoms, cells and awareness of the receiver to awaken to their own higher vibrations of health, happiness, and more perfect functioning, toward becoming fully healed and whole. 

<<You are the healer, I, the catalyst. The energy itself is Divine Love.>>

Clients have reported shifts in alignment of the bone structure, great reductions in pain, enhanced function on all levels, increased relaxation, inner peace, joy and creativity.* The energy and its effects are perceived individually, and through time. Results are often experienced within a day or two after the session, sometimes as it is happening. How will it be for you? I can hardly wait to find out!

It is recommended to consider that more than one session may be a good idea to find the relief you are seeking. Also, to be receptive to the concentrated daily “Healing Blossoms“ it is best to begin your Divine Healing experience with a full half-hour session. 

In-Person Healing can be shared with hands on, over the clothing, non-invasively. Rachel, as an ordained Minister, is qualified for hands-on. Healing also works through the heart, no hands needed. Distance work, of course, is a connection through "Quantum" and spiritual realms.

Rachel loves sharing Quantum Touch®. She also is experienced and certified in Mastery of Energy Healing, Regenesis, Reiki (Master), and Massage, (back in the days before licensing). As a Minister and certified Wayshower, of Edgar Cayce's A.R.E., she has the experience and intuitive awareness to be of multi-dimensional beneficial service to you.

The gift of sharing healing energy crowns a lifetime of devoted inner work, study and loving service. Early in life, Rachel felt drawn to healing with no external tools. She traveled the world attuning to higher energies and studying many spiritual and healing practices. Now, in maturity, she continues to offer her life skills and joys in the higher spiritual vibrations of Healing Love and Light. (To schedule calendly.com/divinelovehealing)



Delighted to meet you, sharing Light, Love & Healing!

Expecting miracles? Results will often seem as though they are that.

Sometimes clients report that the real awareness of a shift happens after a day or two if not at the moment of the session. So, stay tuned after your session 
to open to new awareness.

Layering one treatment over the next builds a momentum of healing that is truly amazing. With that in mind, please consider asking for an appointment bundle to make sure the goal of relief is met.

Here is a link to Calendly (
you do NOT need to join Calendly to use it for this) to schedule your half hour of Divine Love Healing: $45.00



If you have need of other dates/times than available on Calendly, please contact Rachel directly to make arrangements.

Once you are attuned to the Divine Healing Love Energy, you may wish to have daily support for your healing. 

If you would like daily 
Blossom Energy Support, please order either for one week or one month. Once we have "met" by "Voice or Vision" these sessions are delivered without need for an appointment. Be sure to add contact information to your order so we can communicate about your focus. Thank you for joining with me.


Distance sessions are available by telephone or video on a number of platforms, including free international conference calling at www.rachelclaire.net


In Light, Love & Healing,

Rachel Claire


*Of course, Energy Healing is not a substitute for AMA approved medical intervention, Rachel does not diagnose, prescribe or guarantee. 

For more details about Quantum Touch, please see 



Decades of experience in Spiritual Energy Work & Healing:
Spiritual Healing (A Course in Miracles, Infinite Way)
Advanced Master of Energy Healing Certificate
Edgar Cayce's A.R.E Certified Wayshower Intuitive
Healing Staff, Feathered Pipe Ranch, Montana 
Earth Energies Tour Guide, Egypt & Peru
Regenesis Energy Healing Advanced Practitioner
Massage Practicitioner Certificate
Holistic Life University's Holistic Health Educator Counselor Program
BA Philosophy Within Literature
Ordained Minister in Metaphysical Church