Pamela Hurst



47 Blue Heron Drive
Asheville, North Carolina, 28759 , United States

Contact Information

Phone: 828-891-3255
Alt. Phone: 828-400-7898
An intuitive from birth, I offer hands on solutions for the healing of the physical, emotional and mental bodies. For me, the purpose of Quantum-Touch is the personal awakening and empowerment each individual receives from their sessions. The healing will occur on all levels: physical, emotional and spiritual.

A graduate of One Spirit Interfaith Seminary Alliance out of NYC, I honor all paths of Awakening. Life experiences include raising three children as a single parent, working in management & sales in the corporate world. Teaching Therapeutic QiGong and "A Course In Miracles," serving as a volunteer Hospice Chaplain and Bereavement Counselor, Minister of Inner-Faith Center, Intuitive Counseling and Energy Clearings. All of this brought me to Quantum-Touch, which is now my chosen career. I am personally off all medications for asthma, my neck and back pain is gone, the medical inserts are out of my shoes and at age 55, I take no medication whatsoever.

"I had poison ivy up and down my arms. Pam did a Quantum-Touch session on both arms and the poison ivy was totally gone the next morning. Not even any redness." Tom B., NC

"I slipped and fell at work and could not walk the next morning because of the pain in my neck and back. I also suffer from arthritis. After a Quantum-Touch session with Pam, all of my pain is gone and I can walk and move freely." Peggy F., NC

"I had pain in my lower back that prevented me from working in my yard. My doctors could not help me with it. One 5 minute treatment with Pam and it has never returned. Truly a miracle." Jan, SC

"Issues with the loss of a son, crowded my mind night and day. Two sessions with Pam and I had come to peace with this issue. Also, the pain in my back and hip were gone." Susie, NC

In every case, the client is the healer. I simply provide the quantum energy for each individual to use as their mind, body and spirit innately knows. I accept long distance and in person sessions by appointment. Please feel free to call or email. I also travel
to teach Quantum-Touch Workshops.