Patricia Gooch

Cloud 9 Freedom


Stratford, Ontario, N5A 3Z8, Canada

Contact Information

Phone: 519-271-0455
Alt. Phone: 519-949-0455

“My practice is amazing. I am constantly learning about how much Quantum Touch® can heal from the feedback I receive from my clients. I am great with helping people reduce stress as well as working with those who have exhausted all other medical help”

Patricia Gooch R. R. Pr. H.T.A.P., is skilled in 4 healing techniques – Quantum Touch®, Reflexology and Crystal Therapy and has completed 4 levels of Healing Touch. Her thorough comprehension of each method offers you the benefit of supported integration, allowing Patricia to design a customized course of healing that best suits your health requirements and comfort.

Inquire about Patricia’s Deep Healing Treatment. The session begins with 2 levels of Crystal Therapy, balancing your chakra's and your aura. She assists the body into deeper relaxation with a mini reflexology session. This is then followed by Quantum Touch® and Healing Touch to pick up what has not come into balance, whether body, mind and Soul.

Never experienced Quantum Touch® before? Patricia has a special introductory offer for those new to the power of Quantum Touch®.To book an appointment contact Patricia at 519.271.0455519.271.0455 | 519.949.0455519.949.0455 or email her at For more information about Quantum Touch visit Patricia’s website at

Patricia has had amazing results with DISTANT HEALING. Contact her for more details.

“WALKING ON CLOUD 9 FREEDOM. Helping you heal efficiently and comfortably.”