Louise Murray RN

Certified Quantum Touch, Energy Alive, The Wonder Method and Crystal Healing Practitioner
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Near Ryde, New South Wales, 2112, Australia

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Phone: 0407 420 007

I became a Quantum Touch Practitioner in 2006 with my own practice and using QT every day. In 2009 I became a Level 1 Instructor and in 2014 a Level 2 Instructor and Level 1 mentor.  This year I became a Certified Energy Alive Practitioner under Henri Rand Furgieule and a Certified "The Wonder Method" Practitioner and I have just completed the training for Certified Instructor under Alain Herriott.


I have been a registered nurse for over 37 years specialising in Emergency, Cardiac, orthopaedics and Defence I have recently left Defence to concentrate on my Healing work.


12 years ago I began to think that there was more to healing than drugs and surgery.   I started to look and around and was attracted to crystals. I studied crystal healing and have a diploma and advanced diploma in crystal healing.

Although I was seeing great results with the crystals, I felt drained after the sessions and felt that there was something missing in my work. I started to look around again and in 2005 I found Quantum Touch.                           

It is the perfect partner to my Crystal work. Having studied Quantum Touch I decided to take the advanced workshops Core Transformation I and II with Alain Herriott and then took the brand new Level II with Henri Rand Furgieule 4 times.  This took my healing work to  a level I could never have imagined with some symptoms resolving in minutes. This type of healing work is called vibrational healing. In a nutshell the practitioner holds a high vibration and the client entrains or rises to that vibration allowing their body to heal its self. Much like when you are sad and someone gives you a hug you feel better.

Within my practice I have seen amazing things these include:

Broken collar bone – pain free and moving freely within one hour using just the Level 1 quantum Touch technique. 

Brain damaged soldier who had been in ICU for 11 days completely resolved in 7  days following only 1hr of Core Transformation and Quantum Touch.

All symptoms of coeliac disease gone.    

Powerful results with depression, stress and emotional issues just to name a few.        

Acute Lower back pain gone within 10mins.

Chronic Lower back pain gone in 3 short sessions.·       

For more healing stories visit my website

    To book a session please call me on  0407 420 007

    Sessions are:

     Hands-on sessions   Initial session (90 mins) $100  then $80 for followup sessions per hour Initial  3 session package is only $240

                                         Followup 3 session package is $220


    Skype/Facebook video or Distant Healing sessions - Initial Skype session $80  then $60 - 30mins or 3 Sessions For $150