Become a Level 2 Instructor and inspire others with your love, knowledge, technique and passion.

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Quantum-Touch 8 Hour Mentor Program

All Level 2 Instructor candidates are required to mentor one-on-one with a Certified Level 2 Mentor

We want our instructors to share their love and enthusiasm for Quantum-Touch. We also want them to be well prepared for their classes, able to communicate techniques well and guide practice sessions appropriately. The Level 2 Mentor Program will strengthen your abilities to meet these goals.

Step-by-Step Level 2 Quantum-Touch Instructor Certification Requirements

The criteria for becoming a Certified Level 2 Quantum-Touch Instructor include your love for the work, a thorough knowledge of the Level 2 techniques, a wealth of session experience, and the ability to share this knowledge with passion to inspire others. You will also need to successfully complete the Level 2 QT Mentor Program with an approved Quantum-Touch Level 2 mentor.

Step 1: Become Certified as a Level 1 Instructor

Level 2 Instructor candidates must already be teaching Level 1 Quantum-Touch successfully. This means that they are:

  • Certified by Quantum-Touch, Inc., to teach Level 1
  • Practicing QT professionally
  • In good standing with QT, Inc.

Being an experienced Level 1 practitioner and instructor also means that the candidate has already developed a network of clients and students, and is ready to take on the new challenge of teaching QT Level 2. This helps to ensure the candidate’s economic viability when teaching Level 2.

Requirements for certification are stated on the Level 1 Certification Requirements page here.

Step 2: Teach a minimum of ten (10) Quantum-Touch Level 1 workshops

Teaching a minimum of ten Level 1 workshops ensures that future Level 2 instructors have a firm grasp on the principles and practices of Quantum-Touch Level 1 and its importance as a foundation for all Level 2 work. It also means that future Level 2 instructors are experienced in facilitating energy healing classes.

Step 3: Attend a minimum of four (4) Quantum-Touch Level 2 workshops

If your Level 1 instructor certification included one Level 2 workshop, then you will need to attend three more Level 2 workshops. Your tuition for these additional classes is 50% off the full registration price.

If you are serious about becoming a Level 2 instructor, you will need to become very familiar with the contents and dynamics of a typical Level 2 class. One way to learn this is by watching other experienced instructors teach the work. Attend these classes with the mindset of a student teacher. Observe how the workshop is taught, and begin thinking how YOU would teach the concepts. It is our hope at Quantum-Touch Headquarters that by the time you have attended four QT Level 2 classes, you will be able to articulate many of the workshop topics.

Step 4: Complete and document 50 hours of healing sessions ON YOURSELF using Level 2 Quantum-Touch techniques

Because QT Level 2 is a new paradigm practice, our Level 2 instructors need to “walk their talk”. This means that they need to be using the Level 2 techniques in their personal and professional lives. It takes practice to live with one’s heart open. This requirement will help our future teachers cultivate their heart energy in daily life so that it becomes a natural part of their routine. They will use Level 2 to address their own problems and concerns, and in the process become intimately familiar with how the techniques work. Finally, it will give them insights and healing stories which they can use in their future Level 2 classes.

Please note: 25 hours must involve techniques from Day 1 QTL2, and 25 hours must be completed using techniques from Day 2 QTL2. A form will be provided for you to document your sessions.

Complete the Self Healing Document by downloading form below


Important note about Level 2 Mentoring

  • STEPS 1 through 4 must be completed BEFORE one can apply to enter the Level 2 Instructor Mentor Program.
  • Entering the Level 2 Mentor Program does not guarantee that one will be certified as a Level 2 instructor. This is similar to what occurs when a student enters college. Graduation depends on how well the student performs in class, how much of their mind and heart goes into the process. Our Level 2 Mentors will do their best to support and encourage each instructor candidate, but nothing can replace the candidate’s own initiative and effort.


Step 5: Complete a Level 2 Instructor Mentor Program application form and interview

The interview allows QT Headquarters staff to discuss the nature of the Mentor Program with you and your readiness to begin such a program. The interview lasts approximately one hour and costs $300. For those who successfully complete the Level 2 Mentor Program, this fee will be applied to your instructor certification fee.

If in the process of this interview, you show significant gaps in your understanding of Level 1, additional mentoring of Level 1 techniques may be required before you can proceed. This Level 1 mentoring would be at your expense.

Complete the Mentor Program Application by downloading form below

Step 6: Select Your Level 2 Mentor

Once you have been cleared to begin the Level 2 Instructor Mentor Program, you will need to select your Level 2 Mentor(s), contact them (by phone, email or Skype) to see if they are available to work with you and your schedule, and then pay the Mentor Program fee to QT, Inc. The fee is $2000 in US dollars, non-refundable and payable in advance.

Here is the list of Level 2 Mentors

  • Henri Rand Furgiuele, M.A. - English - Click Here to See Her Profile
  • Miriam Hunter - English - Click Here to See Her Profile
  • Meg Peterson - English and Japanese - Click Here to See Her Profile
  • Elizabeth Kwok - Chinese - Click Here to See Her Profile
  • Raymond Chan - Chinese - Click Here to See His Profile

Step 7: Successfully Complete the 8-hour Level 2 Instructor Mentor Program

This program will guide you through the content and procedures involved in teaching Level 2. Facillitated by some of our top Level 2 instructors worldwide, the Level 2 Mentor Program provides new instructors with a comprehensive package of materials designed to make your teaching a success.

It includes:

  • Level 2 Instructor Mentor Agenda: This 8-page document outlines the information and topics to be covered during the mentor sessions.
  • Level 2 Instructor Manual: Over 77 pages of in-depth content describing workshop techniques and guidelines. It includes a table of contents for easy reference, a one-page workshop overview for pacing the topics to be covered, full color high resolution illustrations, a selection of Richard Gordon’s comments regarding Level 2, and a FAQ (frequently asked questions) section with answers provided. The Instructor Manual comes in a professionally printed color binder and is a wonderful resource.
  • 8 hours of individual mentoring: In person or via Skype with a certified QTL2 mentor. Our Level 2 Mentors are some of our most experienced Level 2 instructors worldwide. They have been teaching QT Level 2 from the beginning and have spent hundreds of hours exploring Level 2 and its ability to help all of us expand as “new humans”.
  • Practice teaching key topics in the workshop: During the mentoring, all Level 2 instructor candidates will practice teach specific topics taken from the QTL2 workshop. This live practice is an essential component, designed to help the instructor candidate discover any gaps in understanding or clarity. L2 Mentors can work with the candidate to fill those gaps, so that by the end of the mentoring, the candidate will feel truly ready to teach Level 2.
  • Guidelines for marketing and administering your classes: These include helpful tips and procedures for acquiring, contacting and following up with your registered students.

Step 8: Sign and return the Level 2 Mentor Program Evaluation Form

This form provides valuable feedback to the QT organization about the performance of the Level 2 Mentors and the Mentor Program itself. Your opinion is valuable.

Step 9: Sign and return the Level 2 Instructor Agreement

This document outlines the responsibilities and contractual agreements required of all Level 2 instructors. All Level 2 instructors must sign this form and return it to QT Inc.

If you are interested in becoming a Level 2 instructor, please contact Jennifer Taylor, Director of the Level 2 Instructor Program at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Upon receipt of all requirements at the QT Main Office, please allow 2-3 weeks for certification. Certification from QT is required prior to the scheduling of your first Level 2 Workshop. Students will only receive course credit from Certified QT Instructors.

All fees, terms and conditions of application for becoming a certified instructor are subject to change and are at the discretion of Quantum-Touch, Inc. Completion of the instructor requirements does not guarantee or entitle certification to any individual. All inquiries and submissions are subject to a review and approval process by Quantum-Touch, Inc.