Linda Neu-Cornwell


Colesville, Maryland, United States

Contact Information

Phone: C-727-459-8536
Alt. Phone: h-301-384-0851

My own healing journey from a near-death experience over twenty years ago has been my best teacher. The wisdom and sensitivity I have gained have given me great insights into the pain and process of others as part of their spiritual journey.

I was intuitively drawn to the Quantum-Touch energy work and immediately 'knew' that I needed to experience it, embody it and then share it with others because of it's effectiveness and multiplicity of applications.

Understanding that Mind, Body and Spirit are completely integrated and that one area cannot heal without the other, I use a total approach to achieve the highest vibration for the attunement of the body. Clients have told me that this has enabled them to reach the deepest states of relaxation and healing.

I am available by appointment for private, home, hospital or hospice sessions.