Uniting With Light

I did the meditation several times (both from week 1 & 2) which you gave to us as a homework.

On Monday, when I was doing the Week 2 meditation, something weird happened. I started to see some light spots but I couldn't complete it because I was about to throw up! I don't know why? So, I had to stop and go to bed.

Yesterday, I came home late and was very tired but I did it one time, again nothing significant.

I decided to go to bed and I put my three fingers on the third eye place, I was so sleepy. After a few moments, I started to see these light spots and one huge spot came towards me from nowhere. It started to melt like melting butter. Exactly how you explained. The melted light came near my hand and when I tried to see between fingers, my hand became shapeless and united with that melted white ray of light.

I looked to the doors and wardrobe and saw that they were one piece but full of light spots filling the whole room. I was able to see them separated after deep concentration. (I was doubting what I was seeing and just couldn't believe and trying to prove that I'm still awake).

I saw myself in a place and the whole place like fluid and there were these multidimensional shapes, which I am not able to describe. They were changing their shapes the whole time. I was so curious and my mind was trying to figure out whether I was inside a hyper cube! (Scientific expression for the 4th dimension projection of our reality, the 3D). Then, everything stopped and I started to see my hands again and the walls but these light spots were still filling the whole room. I was so disappointed that I lost that magic. My skeptical mind was trying to analyze it rather then just enjoy the scene.

I don't remember, I felt sleep when I saw myself flying or floating on this wonderful, vibrating, multidimensional space with a guide telling me that this is normal and has been happening since thousands of years. This lasted for seconds, then there was that voice, which told me, more then one time, it is 532Hz. And I woke up (although, I have doubt I was even sleeping).

I took a look around the room again and I could still see the floating spots of light filling the whole room but not with the same density as before.

(I remember when I first saw the extra dimensions vibrating, the question was dominating my mind about the frequency of the universe, which makes the different complicated shapes, which I can't describe. So maybe that was the answer to my question.)

This my experience and I just don't have the right words to describe how that extra dimension and how quick the folding in its parts accord unbelievable!

I don't know if that was because my third eye opened or I was just imagining?

I saw the light mostly in white, golden, greenish & yellowish! Means, not all of the seven colors, I was able to see.

I'm totally confused about that weird message, the 532Hz thing. I did some research today about this specific frequency and this is what I found. (I can't tell I completely understand it.)

MALKUTH - 532 Hz - The Kingdom. Materialization manifested. Where the Lightning Flash grounds into Earth. Where Light and Love become Matter. Where all Matter (including the Earth and humanity) exists. Everything is interrelated and interdependent within the framework of the Four Elements of Life: Fire, Water, Air and Earth. It is the union of a man and woman at conception that bring the Soul's existence into Malkuth. The only sephirah that receives and absorbs all its powers solely and constantly from the nine sephirah above.

With my love,


Deborah Gair
Director of Awakening
Seeing and Perceiving Instructor
QT Practitioner
Level1 Instructor
Level 2 Instructor
Self Created Health Instructor