Peggy Miu

Certified QT Practitioner & Instructor


All Regions, Hong Kong

Contact Information

Phone: 852 96333978


I am a clinical psychologist by profession.  Since my retirement in 2004, I began exploring the field of energy psychology and various modalities of energy healing.  My husband Bernard and I came to learn about Quantum Touch in 2005 and we fell in love with it ever since.  We are most impressed by the simplicity and effectiveness of QT.  Most people can learn the basics and run energy within the first few hours of training.  We  became instructors in 2009. 

QT reminds me that the power to heal is within all of us.  I am constantly amazed by the healing stories told in workshops and healing circles...alleviating pains and discomforts, calming of emotions, healing for pets. I truly believe that we can all perform "normacles" as Richard Gordon wittingly puts it.

Among my many wishes, I would love to work with parents and care-givers of young children, specifically to explore how QT may help premature babies and children with developmental challenges.  My husband and I are actively involved in training professionals in rehabilitation service.  We also do volunteering work with cancer patients.  Conducting study and research on QT is high on my agenda.

I look forward to the days that everyone will be able to do QT, take charge of their own well-being and serve others.