An Interview with Alain Herriott
Advanced QT Instructor

How long have you practiced and taught Qigong?

AH:    I've practiced Qigong for about 10 years and taught for eight years.

What are the benefits of Quantum-Touch?

AH:    Quantum-Touch allows practitioners to easily attain a deep energy very similar to Qigong without any side effects, other than actually feeling better after offering a treatment. Anyone with the desire to help another can be a practitioner, and be very helpful.

Are there limitations with qigong?

AH:    When practicing Qigong it is best to learn from a person rather than a book or a video. Even the practice needs to be watched to avoid what is called aberration. This consists of energy traveling through the body along incorrect pathways that can lead to illness and in extreme cases, what many would call dementia. It is considered best not to have a practice doing healing work, without supervision, for about two years. At this point you can start doing the healing work on a limited basis. Not all practitioners agree, but on the average, it is very easy to use ones own energy along with the universes. This depletes the practitioner and can lead to illness because they are using up their essence. This is not a good thing. It is also comparatively easy to pick up " dirty Qi" from others. This results in headaches, illness such as cold/flu like symptoms to even stronger reactions. So, it often takes 20 min or better to rid one's self of this dirty Qi. This all gets less severe with practice, however for me, after 10 years of doing this healing, I still had to be very careful. None of these are problems with Quantum-Touch

How long does it take to learn each method to become effective?

AH:    With Quantum-Touch, once you've read the book, attended a live or video workshop, it takes about 15 minutes to begin to be effective. As with anything the more you practice the more you understand about the work. With Qigong, as stated above, it takes several years to get comfortable and effective. One could learn all the basics to be a healer in about a year, but it often is detrimental to the practitioner to hurry it. In addition, not everyone should " emit Qi" , if you are ill in any way it is said you shouldn't do healing work as your energy can contaminate others.

How effective is QT relative to qigong?

AH:    It's a little like comparing apples and oranges. I found that I could allow much more energy through me with Quantum-Touch than with Qigong. Easily 3 times as much. Qigong follows a much stricter protocol, in that you put energy into specific points or along certain meridians. In that respect Qigong can be more pin pointed. However, if a Q-T practitioner leans this methodology, they can be just as pin pointed. So, I'm saying that they are extremely similar. The Qigong practitioner does a great deal more study and a physical practice to build Qi within them each day. This is a must for a Qigong healer. It easily requires, 1/2 hour to an hour or more of " self care" each day. When working at the basic level, the Quantum-Touch practitioners really only needs to remember to sweep and breath. At the more advanced level, with Quantum-Touch, you use other techniques to aid the flow of the energy.