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Quantum-Touch Level II: The New Human

A couple of months after the Quantum-Touch Level II workshop in LA last September, I was doing an evening distance healing session for a friend. I had been doing several healing sessions most days for the past 8-9 months. As the session progressed I noticed that there was quite a bit more energy flowing today, so I invited the spirit bodies of people I knew (either as friends or previous clients) to join us.

So now I had a nice group healing of 12-15 people sitting in front of me. I began to send energy into my icon for Strength and Wellness and these beautiful little tentacles of light reached out from the icon to each individual. I thought that was so cool, and there was an ever increasing amount of energy¦ more than enough for my group, so I decided to just offer an open invitation to whoever wished to join. Being the curious experimenter that I am, I wondered¦ what would happen if reached up into the realm of the Creator and swirled a handful of pure brilliant energy into the mix?

What happened next took me completely by surprise. As more and more spirit bodies showed up, it was as if the entire back wall of the room we were in vanished instantly, and I found myself looking out onto the vastness of space, complete with all the stars, planets, and universes. Curiously, I discovered that this felt quite normal to me.

In the blink of an eye I found myself suspended in space looking back at Earth. It had become the size of a really huge beach ball, or perhaps I had grown really, really big. As I watched Earth, I realized that, at that moment, I knew every living thing on the planet. This sensation was not just an awareness of life¦ I really knew each and every living thing. As I realized this, a thin blanket of brilliant golden light formed around the Earth. When I sent a love blessing, the golden blanket flashed momentarily, then dissipated.

Now, I thought that was way cool¦ like the most amazing thing Id ever experienced! I was not prepared for the finale. Moments after the Earth blessing, the Earth sped away from me rapidly (or it could have been me moving away from Earth). It was followed in quick succession by the other planets in our solar system, then our universe, then other universes and constellations, all moving very quickly now, hundreds if not thousands of them. Falling away, becoming the size of nickels and dimes to me.

As each of them passed me, I had the same knowing experience with them as I did with Earth. As I looked around to see what else was near me, I noticed I was suspended in the very center of an enormous and brilliantly blue torus. I was consumed by a deep feeling of peace, and contentment, completely relaxed and confident¦ even familiar¦ with just being.

After a time, I returned to my physical body, had a light snack and went to bed. Needless to say, the attendees at my session had some pretty amazing experiences themselves. Each of them got the benefits they needed and have not needed my services since that night.

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The New Human