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Diane Klingaman , QTPI

Certified Quantum-Touch ® Instructor & Practitioner
Quantum Healing and Wellness


Princeton, Massachusetts, 01541, United States
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Hello and Welcome to Quantum Touch!

My name is Diane Klingaman.  I have been a holistic practitioner, teacher, and seeker of spiritual knowledge for the last 35 years.  I am

empathic and have the gift of energetic sight which is extremely helpful in the work I do. I became interested in energy healing in the early 80's

and began focusing on the realization that the mind/body connection affects us not only physically but mentally and emotionally as well. This

powerful connection can support the physical body and empower us to self heal thru positive thoughts and focused breathing.  When I heard

about Quantum Touch I wanted to see if it lived up to the claims.  I began my training in levels one and two in 2011 to complete my certification

as a practitioner and in 2012 I became a Certified Teacher of Quantum Touch level 1. I am truly impressed by its simplicity and highly effective

results and excited to offer the level one training to anyone who desires to be in control of their own health and welllness.


Quantum touch focuses on the idea that the person who is facing challenges whether physical, mental, or spiritual
is the actual healer of their own well-being . During a quantum Touch session I as your energetic facilitator will
increase life force energy thru body awareness and breathing and hold it at a high vibration so that you as the client
can entrain to it.   This energetic exchange or matching  calls to your bodies healing intelligence.

 When this happens your body knows where the healing energy is needed most and flows it to those areas. So,this

is why in Quantum-Touch we call you the client, the healer because your own body intuition is directing your

session! I look forward to sharing this powerful energy with you.

Please contact me with any questions you may or

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