Vicki L. Scholer


Brandon, Florida, United States

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[email protected]


I have had the pleasure of bringing healing to others through Quantum Touch in person as well as the wonderful healing that is available as distant healing. Being done over Zoom or by telephone, I have experienced the power of energy healing whether it was someone in Africa, Sweden, or Norway, etc.  Time and space are not important, once we set our intentions of healing you might require, the energy follows thought. 

In addition, I also practice Delores Cannon's Past Lives regression hypnosis therapy. Exploration of our past lives can bring  answers to questions of our life paths, explanations of unexplained issues that you may be questioning. 

If you would like to experience the frequency healing of Quantum Touch, or explore further your soul's journey please contact me, I look forward to meeting with you and sharing this wonderful experience with you.