Experience Self-Healing with Quantum-Touch

I was born in Taiwan.  At the age of two I was infected by polio virus.  As the results of the polio infection, I am paralyzed from the waist down, have scoliosis, and have to wear a back brace for the rest of my life.

After the age of 40 many polio survivors start to experience post-polio syndrome -- chronic muscle weakness, fatigue, muscle atrophy, constant pain from joint degeneration, and increasing skeletal deformities from scoliosis.  About 80% of my polio friends are suffering from post-polio syndrome. They complained that no doctor could help them, and rehab was useless or made worse.  Since there is no traditional medical solution, I started to look for alternative solutions.

At the first day of the Quantum-Touch Level 1 class, I realized that QT could help us.  I decided to become an instructor in QT so that I could teach my friends, in turns they could help and teach others.  It is true that the more classes I took, the more insights and confidence I gained on QT. I was able to run the energy to others. They felt good and had very good results.

However even after two level 1 classes, I still had some doubts because I was unable to spin my lower three charkas.  I thought it might be due to the fact that I have not moved my legs since the age of two and the circulation in my legs is poor.  (No hospitals have yet gotten a clear x-ray image of my legs from imaging dye.)  Thus I never felt any energy moving down to my lower extremities.  The situation continued until the third QT Level 1 class I attended.  During the third class, suddenly I feel something moving down my legs.  Since then I am able to spin my lower charkas.  Now I can feel energy running through my legs. Hooray! Ive done it.

I can ground now.  I spin my chakras from 1 to 12 daily and I can sit with more stability.  I dont experience physical pain like I used to.  I can do self-healing when I need it.  My shoulder doesnt need surgery anymore.

Now I can perceive different energies coming into my hands and receive images when I put my hands on clients, and run the energy the way that is beneficial for the client.

Quantum-Touch does more than releasing physical pain or easing disease.  It is also a powerful tool in healing emotional pain, inner child, past life trauma, and spiritual blockage.  Through my practice I realize all the physical pains and diseases have layers.  Without a release of distress at the core level, the pains and diseases will return.  As a QT practitioner I can assist the clients to peel these layers one by one till we reach the core.  Then the clients will no longer experience a returning of distress of body, mind and/or spirit.

Through QT practice I was able to release a lot of blockages (in the forms of sadness, fear, and anger) that had prevented me from moving into my next level of spiritual development.  Only then I was finally able to love myself and to accept love from the above.

In early February 2013 at the fourth QT Level 1 class I attended, a powerful LOVE descended onto me and it washed my soul.  At the same time both my classmate and I felt an overwhelming sense of Oneness.  It gave me a sense of lightness. I felt that I was renewed.

I have joy. I have love. I have peace. I am what I am.  We are ONE.

Charlotte D. Lin
Quantum-Touch Practitioner and Level I Instructor