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A visit with me is probably unlike anything you have ever experienced. I am a certified Quantum-Touch practitioner, certified Touch for Health practitioner, Reiki Master, a student of Healing Touch, Medical Intuitive, and Reflexology.  I practice letting my intuitive ability use my hands as a conductor of the life force energy to provide optimal wellness for the client. My combination of loving and compassionate energies helps to connect mind, body, and spirit.

A session might involve working in your energy field, running your meridians, working your reflexology points in the hands and/or feet, and possibly even getting a Medium reading.  It can release your fascia; move bones; take away your pain; release your anxiety, depression, or hot flashes; plus many, many other things. The outcome of the session depends on the client’s ability and willingness to heal.   Their body prioritizes where the energy needs to go for self-healing and pain relief.

I believe that energy medicine is the perfect complement to Western medicine, chiropractic, massage, supplements, good nutrition, and a healthy lifestyle. All elements work together at achieving the highest quality of life for those folks that strive for good health and feeling good emotionally, physically, spiritually, and mentally. When everything is in perfect balance we feel our best.

Quantum-Touch is approved by the American Holistic Nurses Association and the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork as a complimentary therapy and not meant to replace medical care.

I make no claims; I only send the energy and let your body to the healing. 

A Few Healing Stories:

A man came to me with his shoulder hurting for the last two years; he was unable to throw a ball. His heel had also been hurting for four years; he was unable to run. After a 40 minute session with me, both of them were fine. The next week he was running four miles a day and playing ball again. 

A man’s wrist had been dislocated in an accident 28 years ago. He had limited movement and constant pain. He had arthritis in the joint. After several sessions, x-rays showed the arthritis was gone. He has absolutely no pain and most of his range of motion back. 

A man with pneumonia in his lung came after the Dr. told him there was nothing he could do, that it would take four months to start feeling better. I felt the spot in his lung and sent energy for 10 minutes. X-rays the next week showed it was gone and the Dr. released him. 

In December a man came with a cane that he had been using since June. After 45 minutes he needed to walk, so I handed him the cane and he said: “I don’t need that anymore.” When he left he said he was going to put it in his closet. 

A client had been going to the chiropractor for years with her back hurting. She also suffered with several re-occurring bladder infections and at the time she came to see me was on her sixth round of antibiotics . She had sinus headaches off and on for years. She had an irregular heart beat and took medicine for it being told she could never get off of it. After a few sessions her back is feeling good, bladder infections are gone, and she is no longer taking heart medication. 

A 28 year old girl had back pain since her high school years. She had two surgeries and now was on about 20 pain pills a day. She could barely walk. She had an MRI and was told she could have a morphine pump surgically inserted, a device surgically inserted to block the pain signal going to the brain, or she could go on drug therapy for the rest of her life. She came for about six sessions and is now living a normal life.

 I had two sisters whose knees were always hurting them and their shoe soles were worn unevenly.  After a short session  their knees felt better and their shoes wore evenly. 

A 60 year old man had tinnitus since his days in the army. He didn’t tell me he had this but I noticed his ears were uneven on his head. I said, “Here, let me straighten your ears for you.” I cupped my hands over his ears for 30 seconds, looked, and said, “There you go, your ears are straight.” He said, “I have had tinnitus for 30 years, you put your hands on me for 30 seconds and it’s gone.” 

Clients say, “Laura has given me my life back.”  Call for an appointment today!