Heal With The Power and Joy of Love

I am grocery shopping, and coming down the aisle toward me is a young mother, pushing a shopping cart.  Her baby, a beautiful little girl of about nine months old, is wailing and protesting her confinement in the carrier the mother has strapped into the front of the cart.  The mother and the child are tired, and the baby is not calmed by her mother's frantic efforts to quiet her.  My heart goes out to them both, and I smile to myself: this is a job for Quantum-Touch!

What a beautiful baby, I tell the mother as I focus in on the screaming child.  I beam love at the baby, smiling, allowing the feelings of peace and well-being I feel as I run the energy to grow and envelop the baby as well.  I have not touched her physically, but she stops wailing and looks at me in wonder.  We smile at each other, this little being and I, and she looks around her contentedly now, cooing and kicking her feet a bit.  The mother is relieved and a little puzzled.  How did you do that? she asked, tucking a stray wisp of hair behind her ear.  I shrug.  I just looked at her and thought about how perfect and beautiful she is.  What a lucky little girl she is to have you as her mother, I tell her, touching her arm.

In that instant of contact, I send the mother as much peace and love as I can.  She visibly relaxes.  Well, you must have a special gift with children! she says as she continues down the aisle pushing her now very sleepy baby in the cart.  Not really, I answer, mostly to myself. It's just who I am.   I was a little pleased with my shopping trip, even if I did forget to pick up a few important items on my list!

About the time Richard Gordon, the founder of Quantum-Touch, produced a book in 1978, Your Healing Hands: The Polarity Experience, he attended a lecture and demonstration of hands-on healing being given by a natural healer named Bob Rasmusson.  Richard was astounded by the healing work Bob was doing, and he was able to learn from Bob how to reproduce the techniques that have become known as Quantum-Touch.  What Richard observed Bob doing was straightening the very crooked spine of a woman by lightly touching her back.  As unbelievable as it sounds, such results are commonplace with Quantum-Touch Practitioners, but this method of work goes far beyond simply moving bones.

Quantum-Touch is a natural, easy-to-learn method of hands-on or hands-off healing.  I personally have taught this technique to a five-year-old girl with Down's Syndrome and to an eighty-seven-year-old man whose wife suffers from Dementia of the Alzheimer's Type. It helps people heal more rapidly, ameliorates or extinguishes pain, corrects structural alignment, eases symptoms of mental and psychological disorders, is key in a cure for panic disorders, and much more.  In fact, it is said by Richard that, We don't know the limits of this work.

The beauty of Quantum-Touch beyond its simplicity, is that it works in conjunction with other healing modalities, creating even more powerful results.  The practitioner holds and continues to build, a high resonant energy throughout the session.  This is best accomplished by feeling love and compassion for the client, whose own vibrational energy rises to meet that of the practitioner.  The client thus heals himself, often in astonishing ways.  Miracles become the norm in this work, and one practitioner coined the phrase, normacles.  

Practitioners and clients (the real healers), are filled with a sense of peace, joy and love that lingers far beyond the session.  When people feel good, that feeling is contagious.  Happy people are less inclined to war on their neighbors, and one goal of Quantum-Touch is to spread peace and love through the healing abilities that are our birthright. The subtext of Quantum-Touch is, Your love has impact. Amazingly so.

By: Ruth Franzen, LPCC, MRC, LSW, CQTI