Pat Fleury

Quantum-Touch Instructor;Touch of Healing Instructor; Brennan Healing Science Practitioner
The Touch Of Healing Institute


14138 Cleobrook Drive, Suite A
Houston, Texas, 77070, United States

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"Pat" has been a health care professional for the past 45+ years; working in hospitals, medical centers, clinics and physician's offices. Academically, she has certification and degrees in conventional as well as alternative medicine. (CAM)

Currently, she has a Spiritual Energy Healing Practice in Houston, Texas. She is a college graduate of Brennan Healing Sciences, a Quantum-Touch Practitioner and a Q.T. Instructor over 5+ years. To further her education, she received  a Bachelor of Science Degree in Energy Medicine in 2007 and is working on her Masters.

Pat Fleury has been a leading proponent of our body's wisdom to seek balance and harmony. She understands that with this wisdom, the body has the ability to heal itself. In her practice, she uses Basic, Core, and Supercharging Quantum Touch, para-psychology and bio-energetic awareness to scan the body, view the auric field and note energetic shifts and changes. It is through these modalities she can tell how a person's beliefs, and blocking of emotions and old patterns contribute to their state of health or dis-ease.

Pat offers Basic QT. Also,  intermediate and advanced level group training at "The Touch of Healing Institute". The school is a fully accredited educational organization and able to provide the training to become licensed in energy healing.   You may wish to attend for life skills and self knowledge rather than become a practitioner.  All are welcome.

Her life-long love for teaching health and healing is demonstrated through her instructorship at the University of Houston, Houston Community College and many Medical Facilities in Texas and across the USA.  More information on:  

Pat is currently working with the Iraq Vets Stress Project.  Our healers use energy medicine and energy psychology to help the Iraq & Afganistan Vets adjust to living within the USA community and family once again.  

 She is a member of The Institute of Noetic Sciences; a national  research organization dealing with integration of energy based healing and conventional medicine.

On a personal note; she has two loving sons that blessed her with wonderful daughters-in-law, and is "Mimi" to six special grandchildren. Nyssa, Summer, Ethan, Brandon, Connor, and Taylor Fleury.