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I did a research project on fibromyalgia and Quantum-Touch. Here is background with Quantum-Touch and how I set up the research.

My name is Kjol Lahti. My background is in massage therapy. I'm a full-time massage therapist. I'm one weekend seminar away from finishing up my requirements to become an instructor.

The research project was conducted as follows:

I put out ads for 10 people who were suffering from Fibromyalgia. I would treat them 1 time per week for 60 minutes. They would receive 4 treatments the same day each week and if possible the same time frame. There was no charge for the session.

Part 2 of the research would be to see if I could extend therapy sessions to 10 days apart, then 14, then 21 days apart

All clients were female, and the age range of clients was 42-56. The number of years that a professional had put a name to their pain ranged from10-18 years.

The Quantum-Touch techniques used  were Basic and Core Transformation, going back and forth during the treatment, and spending an average of 10 minutes at the back of the head in particular. Then I moved to other parts of their body spending 30 minutes on their back and 30 minutes on their front. I would work on areas that they had circled on their intake forms in particular. All clients were treated lying on massage table.

The pain scale range before the first session on a scale of 1-10 ranged from 6.0-9.5.

The pain scale range after the first session on a scale of 1-10 ranged from 1.5-5.0.

The average time of relief reported by clients after the first session was 3-4 days.

The average pain scale range before each session dropped on average 1 point each week. For example, a client who came in with a pain scale of 8 the first week, came in each of the following weeks with her pain scale beginning at 7, then 6, then 5, then 4.

The pain scale range before the 4th session averaged between 2.0 and 5.0.

The pain scale range after the 4th session averaged between .05 and 2.0.

The average time of relief clients reported at the end of the 4th session was 6-7 days.

The average reported sleep times before the beginning of the 4 sessions was 4.5 hours.

The average reported sleep times after the 4th session was 7.5 hours

Part two of the study and the goal was to see if I could extend times of relief between sessions.

I did 3 sessions with 10 days apart, then 3 sessions with 14 days apart, then 3 sessions with 21 days apart.

Clients reported their pain scale at the start of the extended treatments at 2.0-5.0

Clients reported their pain scale at the end of the extended treatments at 0.5-2.5

Clients reported sleep time averaging 7.5 hours.

Clients reported pain relief between treatments started at an average of 7-9 days and by the end went to 15-20 days.

July, 2007

Working with Fibromyalgia with QT

Once a week or so I get an email asking me how I worked with people suffering from Fibromyalgia. I have been asked about hand positions, length of time on certain bodyparts, etc. So I thought I would explain how I  did it and  what I have found works well since that research project in 2005. 

I will spend 10 minutes on the base of the head running the energy, one hand on the base of the head the other hand on their neck. Research has found that all fibromyalgia patients will have tight myofascial tissue in that area. Then I will work about 15 minutes total on their shoulders and back, making sure to run energy from opposite hip to shoulder. Example. left hip to right shoulder and then right hip to left shoulder, I will run that energy about 3 minutes for each. With the rest of the 15 minutes being used to run energy in the upper back. Using the myofascial idea presented by Thomas Myers in his version of structural integration. Then 5 minutes on the back of their legs.

I will have them turn over and run energy in the front of their legs for about 5 minutes, then I will move up to their upper chest, just below the collar bones and run energy for about 10 minutes. Then once again I will do opposite upper chest and hip like on their back for 3 minutes or so on each side. The rest of the time I will send running energy to their heads.

What I have found with the running of the energy to the opposite hip/shoulder and hip/upper chest region is that the clients stand up straighter after a session, with a greater reduction of their base pain relief each week I see them.

My next research project with fibromyalgia which I just started is to do the whole session using Core transformation I techniques only. I currently float back and forth between core work and basic qt. It would be interesting to me if someone has taken the supercharging course to try running different colors into a person to see if one color worked better then another.

Kjol Lahti
Appleton, WI