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QT in HK (Quantum-Touch in Hong Kong)

I am writing to share with you my Quantum-Touch treatment for my mom in Hong Kong.

Within just 2 treatments with less than 2 hrs. only, my mom can stand still and can walk for 10 steps without relying on any equipment this has never been possible in the past 2-3 years!

Prior to the QT treatment in HK, we have nearly given up hope after consulting doctors for any possible way of improvement. She was aged over 75 in 2009 and with O-shape legs, and took surgery some 20 yrs. ago to took away the worn out cushion disc inside the knee, so her walking ability has been poor, and has to spent her life on wheel chairs and with standing frame for over 2 years! Life was in the dark and she felt hopeless!

Fortunately, we have been recommended by my teacher to explore QT in HK, so just try and Lisa and Raymond gave my mom and my families around much hope and we all feeling like re-entering into a Sunny garden with a bright future! Without taking a pill or suffer any pain in surgery!

I will tell my friends that just accept QT and think positive. No difficulties to cure themselves!

Thanks QT

Best Regards,
Kenneth Ching
(From Hong Kong)